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What is the NAAA

The National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) is the Trade Association for professional aircraft appraisers.  Since 1980 the NAAA has been the Certification entity and has established the standards and Code of Ethics for professional aircraft appraisers in the United States and abroad.  You are invited to view a short slide show presentation click here.

NAAA Services

The NAAA's service is unique.  The primary mission of NAAA members is to provide you with a prompt, accurate aircraft appraisal at a reasonable price.  The Association's computer software application, extensive database, and standardized method of evaluation, enable our members to appraise your aircraft at its current market value, not the historical value.  

To find out how the appraisal is performed works click here.  

To view an example of one criteria used by NAAA appraisers click here.

To view an example appraisal click here.

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NAAA Membership

The membership committee of the NAAA reviews each applicant's qualifications to insure NAAA members will be exceptionally well qualified to appraise aircraft.  Each new member is provided with training materials and computer software to insure their work product meets NAAA standards.  NAAA membership guarantees the client that they are receiving services from a professional with the strongest credentials. 


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